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A wide range of autoclaves for all requirements, among the most varied and complete ones available on the market. All
Cominox autoclaves are entirely designed and produced according to Quality procedures and to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 13485:2004 as well as EN 13060 standards.
The range includes two product lines: SpeedyClave, which is fast and efficient, and SterilClave, which is practical and versatile.
SpeedyClave can be produced with capacity of 6 Lt. or of 18 Lt. They are characterized by an extreme speed of sterilization cycles thanks to the use of a powerful steam generator.
The range of SterilClave is really wide. There are models of different capacities, i.e. of 6 Lt., of 18 Lt. and of 24 Lt. There are 12 different models, which run fractional vacuum B-cycles and thermodynamic vacuum S-cycles.
Thanks to their different sizes and features COMINOX bench-top sterilizers provide a wide choice according to any work and space requirement.