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Ability and passion – these are two basic elements, but there is more; commitment, investments, research and development round out this set of tools, the basis for the company’s growth that has been taking place since its beginning and continues with the passing of the years.

The challenge is to bring the safety of regulated and cutting edge sterilization to the offi ces of doctors, dentists and all those who use sanitary instruments. And this challenge is faced daily and met with top-quality ideas and careful manufacturing.

This is a story that began in 1984, with the synthesis of the experience of IME – the company out of which Cominox was born which specializes in creating electromechanical equipment – and the application of this ability to sterilization.

Small devices, among the fi rst manufactured in Italy, that use pressure steam technology. The trade shows in this sector began to give breath and visibility to this product whose technology was already highly regarded abroad. The process’s value was recognized by a study from the Microbiology Institute at the University of Milan’s Faculty of Medicine, and in 1986 a patented model was created that enables sterilization using steam as well as ethyl alcohol vapour.

In 1989 the technology of excellence in the electromechanical fi eld joined together with electronics, and a microprocessor was added to in the sterilizer with the task of generating continuous feedback on the processes.

The goal is still to have small sterilizers play a key role among doctors’ and dentists’ instruments, nearing the quality and effectiveness of big sterilizers used in hospitals.

In 1990 SterilClave Cominox already applied a technology that allowed it to pass “big” sterilizer tests (Bowie & Dick). In 1995 the outcome of a new project allowed the company to introduce – fi rst on the small sterilizer market – a product equipped with a vacuum pump able to remove air using a fractionated vacuum process.

The first model with type-B sterilization cycles was then launched, creating new opportunities for commercial development.

Following its successes and the visibility it gained, in 1996 the company began to participate in the work of the WG 5 work group of the TC 102 Technical Commission of CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, to prepare new European regulations for small sterilizers (the future UNI EN 13060), becoming an expert member delegated by UNI (the Italian Organization for Standardization) for Italy in 1999.

In the meantime, product development did not stop. Two fundamental innovations of 1997 – the introduction of a model with a steam generator for a fast sterilization process and the system for monitoring the machine and the function of the individual parts through dedicated software – would, over time, lead to the making of the remote control.

In 2001 the company took another important step in its growth, with the creation of the Cominox design.

The sterilizers were given a soft outward appearance, featuring a decidedly exclusive wisteria purple colour that gave the product a stronger, more elegant personality; this was met with extraordinary success on the international market. The product increased its functionality with the printer for sterilization process reports, integrated and “hidden” in the machine’s new design.

The growing success was accompanied by the introduction of new technologies. In 2006 the Cominox

Wizard was introduced. This system allows remote check-ups and technical assistance for the sterilizers.

And here we are today, with the launch of the new SterilClave 6 B SPEEDY, a small gem that defines new standards in terms of compactness in size and speed in the sterilization process.

Finally, in the fall of 2008, first and only Italian company, Cominox gets the product brand IMQ UNI 13060 on their sterilizers.