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A wide range of autoclaves for all requirements, among the most varied and complete ones available on the market. All Cominox autoclaves are entirely designed and produced according to Quality procedures and to uni en iSo 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 13485:2004 as well as EN 13060 standards.

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Cominox sealers, the traditional Flash sealer and the new roller SterilSeal , guarantee the effective sterilization through fast operations on sizes and loads, wrapped up in wrapping materials for different types of pouches and rolls .

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Cominox sterilization oversees all the required operations to ensure the process effectiveness.
That is why Cominox provides washing tools endowed with technical features aimed at supporting those who must carry out cleaning operations prior to the sterilization phase.

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Water Treatment

The production of suitable sterilization water is key point in high-class sterilization: for this reason cominox provides tools and systems in this area. Simple and effective equipments like Discom, Speedywater and osmywater work on the deminiralisation and on the distillation part, in order to let sterilizers work properly. For a pure sterilization, from raw material: water.


Cominox created a complete management system of information on cycles equipped with software, which allow to easily read, by the Cominoxreader, the saved data archive, or observe the sterilization process in real time with a PC connected to the sterilizer through CominoxWizard, in order to obtain a steady security control.

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Safety is a vital concept according to Cominox.
The technological innovation and high quality are normally applied to equipments for water treatment and traceability.

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