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Sterilization is must be carried out in accordance with the most rigorous safety and hygiene standards. It was Cominox that introduced this concept in Italy and applied it to small steam sterilizers. The company's high-technology products are designed and manufactured following the processes outlined in a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. The constant pursuit of total quality has always been the cornerstone of Cominox's business philosophy. For over twenty-five years, Cominox has worked to transform the scientific requirements for proper sterilization into effective, modern technological solutions. We design, industrialize and manufacture devices that always comply with applicable standards, in some cases before the standards are even issued by the regulatory bodies.

A consistent investment in Research and Development and total quality control - from conception through to manufacture of our equipment – are crucial to the growth of Cominox. Our success is rooted in our daily work, in which we are constantly in pursuit of a single goal: developing sterilization technology that creates safety.

The company's involvement in this effort is reflected in the rigorous control of all phase of manufacturing, quality of instruments used, careful selection of personnel and sophisticated testing. At Cominox, patient safety is our motto. Cominox offers quality you can see, perceive, touch. Some call it beauty. We prefer to call it ergonomics, or rather, perfect harmony between form and function.

Safety means being able to act quickly through clear and accessible commands, with all the right details in the right place. And with safety comes peace of mind, provided by a design that, by exalting technology, reveals its efficiency.